Students join one of the many research teams involved in neuroscience or engineering research. This research involves fundamental techniques in electrophysiology, advances in computer science and computational modeling, along with new theories in mechanical, electrical, and biomedical engineering applications. Students utilize these techniques to identify mechanisms and strategies used by the nervous system to function in health and disease and then to develop innovative strategies for restoring this function following injury.  This research is conducted in close collaboration with investigators in the laboratory, with the results from the students’ work presented at the final poster day.

Prospective students should consider possible research opportunities in one of the research groups headed by the following investigators.

Laboratory Faculty
Leora Cherney, PhD Recovery of speech after stroke
Yasin Dhaher, PhD Mechanics of walking
Sudarshan Dayanidhi, PhD, PT Muscle physiology in children with developmental disorders
Levi Hargrove, PhD EMG control of upper and lower limb prostheses
Arun Jayaraman, PhD Powered exoskeletons for restoration of gait
Todd Kuiken, MD PhD Neural signals for control of prosthetic devices
Sandro Mussa-Ivaldi, PhD Human machine interface for people with spinal cord injury
James Patton, PhD Error augmentation & other methods for machine-facilitated learning and recovery
Colin Franz, MD PhD Using patient-derived stem cells to model neuromuscular disorders
W. Zev Rymer, MD, PhD Novel motor unit recording techniques
Andrea Domenighetti, PhD Muscle stem cell biology and physiology in patients with cerebral palsy and stroke

For further information about lab research activities students can visit The Sensory Motor Performance Program and The Center for Bionic Medicine.


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