Students should first examine the possible research teams within the program and identify a research topic and group in which they would like to work.  An important consideration in the application process is the potential for a match between the research interests of the student and the research being conducted within the program.  Students should rank the top three laboratories in which they would be interested in working. It is not necessary that applicants have any specific experience, although a background in engineering, neuroscience, or life sciences would be helpful.  The goal is to provide students with research experience that best serves their need to explore neuroscience or engineering research as a potential career option.

This information pertains to the 2017 summer internship program.  Stay tuned for information relevant to the 2018 program.

The link will redirect you to the RIC Human Resources website.  Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, and applicants will need to provide:

  1. Top three lab choices (see Research)
  2. A resume including GPA (one page)

Current Northwestern University Students
Current NU students are eligible for additional sources of funding for summer  and are encouraged to apply for these in parallel. The application process for these mechanisms typically requires a project faculty mentor and title.  Students are encouraged to connect with RIC/NU faculty and discuss their proposal.  Students who receive support from the Northwestern mechanisms will be teamed up with the advising RIC/NU professor.  If you apply to these awards, please indicate this in your RIC/NU Internship application package.


Summer Research Internships in Engineering and Neuroscience is an equal opportunity program.


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